The oar

The Energy! The symbol of strength and purpose. The amount one brings to their life academically, athletically, socially, and spiritually! The only tool that can move the boat forward!

The Boat

The Sacrifice! What are you willing to give up for something that you’ve never had? The more you serve and give, the bigger your boat gets. The bigger your boat gets, the more people you can actually influence. Influence is about the messengers, not the message.

The CompaSs

The Direction! This is set by the leader of the boat! Whomever you surround yourself with is who and what you will become. Where is the bow of your boat pointed? Your boat will go where you have directed your energy towards!


The “Never Give Up” mantra known as Row The Boat, can apply to all walks of life and can be used in every aspect of your life. Everyone, not just athletes and athletic teams can share, use and live the Row The Boat lifestyle in their personal and professional lives. By applying Row The Boat, one can have the proper perspective to overcome adversity and humble success by living a lifestyle dedicated to serving and giving.


When rowing a boat, as in life, you aren’t able to see what is coming your way. Your back is actually facing the future, unable to see what’s coming next. Facing the opposite direction can be a very scary and uncomfortable position to be in. However, as in life, worrying about the future only prohibits you from being your absolute best in the present. You aren’t able to control the future, but you can control how you react and prepare for it with every stroke you take.


You are rowing in the present, which is the only thing you can actually control while rowing a boat. You determine whether you take your oar out of the water or keep rowing. You control whether you ROW fast or slow, confident or hesitant, efficient or rushed and whether you ROW for yourself or others! If you stop rowing, you will not go anywhere. As a team, you control whether all of you want to ROW together with purpose, or ROW because you have to. If you ROW on just one side of the boat, you will go in circles. ROW in unison with everyone else in the boat, no matter the circumstance (chaotic, storms, or calm seas) you will come out on the other end better and more experienced for never quitting. Getting everyone in the boat to ROW, no matter what circumstances life throws you, can be very difficult… however keep ROWING!


When rowing the boat, the only thing you can actually learn from, but can’t change, is the horizon you are looking at. With every passing stroke you learn, but never go back! You aren’t able to change the past, only learn from it and take with you the lessons to make you better today. You must embrace and learn from your past to create your future! Changing your best daily will take you places you thought were impossible! 


Through challenging times… KEEP ROWING! 

Through times of joy… KEEP ROWING! 

Through times of doubt and fear… KEEP ROWING! 

No one person has ever changed doing the same things over and over again.